April 14, 2016


Heights Urban Core Chamber Committees

Membership and Recruitment

Trustee – Vikki McDonald

Chairperson – OPEN

  • Shall maintain membership rolls, applications, and renewals
  • Shall recruit new businesses in Seminole Heights and ensure that existing members re-sign by welcoming them, following-up on any questions that they may have, and sending them friendly renewal reminders
  • Shall work with Committee on Business Development, Resources, and Education to assist in locating available properties/buildings in which businesses can operate
  • Shall maintain and update the Heights business corridor leads database and make it available to the Board
  • Shall work with the Committee on Marketing, Communication, and Events to plan events that connect the members and membership drives
  • Shall create and maintain a list of membership perks

Marketing, Communication, and Events

Trustee – Alek Wychor

Chairperson – Social Media Marketing & Promotions – Email & Social Media Promotions – Andreas Neuert
Chairperson – Communications – Press Releases, Media Coverage, & Print Media – Stella Sussmann
Chairperson – Event Management & Planning – Scheduling, Rate Negotiations, Member Events – Theresa Chu-Bermudez

  • Shall create an image that represents the organization and utilizing it in all promotional materials, helping to ensure that organization receives positive attention through press releases, advertising, and participation in both organization and community events, etc.
  • Shall coordinate with all committees to create promotional and marketing materials/PR for activities
  • Shall present all marketing and promotional material, press releases and advertising to the Board for approval before placing into action
  • Shall promote the organization and its activities through the website and social media accounts
  • Shall maintain contact lists and be responsible for email announcements to membership through the Mail Chimp account
  • Shall coordinate and organize member mixers, community events, etc. at the direction of the Board
  • Shall work with the Committee on Membership and Recruitment in the planning of events that connect the members and in membership drives, and work with the Committee on Business Development, Resources, and Education in the planning of workshops, seminars, or networking events for small business owner members

Business Development, Resources, and Education

Trustee – Gretch McManus

Chairperson – Open

  • Shall work with Committee on Membership and Recruitment to assist in locating available properties/buildings in which businesses can operate
  • Shall provide information on public and private resources as finance options, building improvements, and other incentives of interest to small business
  • Shall provide and assist in locating business and self-improvement programs, along with workshops or seminars, which provide strategies and skills for small business owners
  • Shall support the Marketing, Communication, and Events Committee in the planning of workshops, seminars, or networking events for small business owner members
  • Shall reach out to members and other Seminole Heights business owners to keep an active list of issues facing business growth; and shall seek guidance and approval from the board for implementing projects to address each issue

Land Use and Transportation

Trustee – Anthony Novak

Chairperson – Walkability / Bikeability – OPEN
Chairperson – Land Use  – Nikki Rice

Shall work with and actively correspond with local and state governments to bring more transportation and parking options to the urban Heights of Tampa

  • Shall seek out options and coordinate projects with the board to improve the walkability of the Heights
  • Shall work with local and state government and well as residents and business owners, to ensure all urban Heights communities zoning and land development meet Tampa’s comprehensive vision founded on four (4) core values that will advance the long-term sustainability of the city and its citizenry.

The four values derived from the set of collective community values, when balanced, can lead toward a shared community commitment to being a Livable City. The values are:

– Livability: Tampa is a place where diverse people find it easy, safe, and enjoyable to live

– Prosperity: Tampa is focused on the quality of life for all its people and must be economically healthy, with a broad mix of good jobs

– Respect: The living systems that support us are revered and conferred to future generations in better condition than today

– Resilience: The ability of the systems that support our day to day living to recover from misfortune, handle uncertainty, and adjust easily to change

Visit this Committee’s Resource Page


Trustee – Tim Keeports

Chairperson – N/A (volunteers named during annual rewrite process)

  • Shall keep the organization Bylaws updated and concise to encourage high-quality economic opportunity within all of the Heights communities while actively supporting small businesses

Financial Review

Trustee – OPEN

Chairperson – N/A

  • Shall annually review any and all financial and inventory records and property of the organization, including those in the custody of the Secretary, Treasurer, or any committee or member, and report their findings to the Board
  • Shall provide a review at the request and direction of the Board at any time deemed necessary, but at least once a year

Heights Urban Core Chamber Executive Board and Trustees


Tyler McMahon

  • Shall serve to meeting the mission of the organization
  • Shall preside at all membership meetings
  • Shall vote only to break a tie, and may not make or second a motion
  • Shall prepare agendas for meetings
  • Shall by virtue of the office be Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Shall present at the third general meeting of the organization an annual report of the work of the organization
  • Shall appoint all committee chairs in the absence of a committee Trustee
  • Shall act as spokesperson for the organization and represent the organization at appropriate local government functions
  • Shall be the officer who may sign the checks or drafts of the organization
  • Shall have such powers as may be reasonably construed as belonging to the chief executive of any organization
  • Shall appoint an interim executive board member or trustee in the event of a resignation or inability to serve. The interim appointee will serve until the next regular election by the membership


Tim Keeports

  • Shall, in the event of the absence or inability of the President to exercise his/her office, act with the powers of the President of the organization with all the rights, privileges, and powers as if he/she had been the duly elected President
  • Shall be responsible for organizing and holding the general meetings, at least 4 a year, and publishing them publicly
  • Shall work with the President on ongoing projects
  • Shall chair the Bylaws Committee


Brenda Balla

  • Shall keep the minutes of the organization in appropriate format
  • Shall see that all books, executive and committee reports, and certificates required by law are properly kept or filed
  • Shall give and serve all notices to members of this organization
  • Shall be the official custodian of the records and seal of this organization
  • Shall present any communication addressed to him/her as Secretary of the organization to the Board
  • Shall make available to the Financial Review Committee all records and assets held in trust


Chris Trappy

  • Shall have the care and custody of all monies belonging to the organization and shall be responsible for such monies or securities. The Treasurer shall use the organization commercial banking institution to deposit all organization funds in a timely manner, and at the discretion of the board, invest certain funds to the benefit of the organization.
  • Shall render a written account of the finances of the organization on a monthly basis to be included within the minutes of each Executive board meeting
  • Shall make available to the Financial Review Committee all records and assets held in trust


  • Shall be responsible for organizing the committee, acting as Chair or recruiting a Chair to co-serve the committee’s organizational needs
  • Establish a meeting schedule to meet the committee’s goals
  • Organize working teams of members to set achievable goals, we encourage the use of the private Facebook Groups and also in-person meetings when needed
  • Setting the agenda for the committee and report to the Executive Board the priorities and meeting schedules
  • Shall work with the membership to recruit participation in committees to serve the overall business members and the business communities in the Heights of Tampa