Heights Urban Core Chamber (HUCC) is an organization committed to further enhancing the local businesses of the Heights, the urban core, in Tampa, Florida.  Our Mission is to increase the viability of local Tampa businesses and encourage high-quality enterprise, by enhancing and cultivating the Historic Heights neighborhoods as a unique and enjoyable commercial environment.


Originally organized in 2005 as the Business Guild of Seminole Heights (BGoSH) as an organization that worked to identify and facilitate the needs of the Seminole Heights businesses and Tampa’s urban core community.  Because collectively the Heights neighborhoods are so unique, BGoSH was transformed into Heights Urban Core Chamber of Commerce (HUCC) to serve the Heights and be more inclusive of Seminole Heights, Tampa Heights, Riverside heights, Sulpher Springs, and the surrounding communities.

Our founding members and affiliates have a passion for the Heights neighborhood and Tampa’s urban core:  the charming bungalows, the mix of urban and neighborhood environments, the street art, and the unique and independently owned shops, restaurants, bars, and businesses.  That passion extended and grew into our main goal as an organized Chamber of Commerce for the Heights:  by keeping the small-business economy thriving, we are ensuring our neighborhood continues to grow and succeed.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative and open-minded to trying new and creative ways to help our members and fulfill the expectations of our neighborhood’s residents. For our organization and its members, the message is simple:  we love to live here and we love to do business here. Visit our membership page to learn more about joining HUCC and to fill out our simple application form as either a resident or business.



To make Tampa’s urban core distinguished within the greater Tampa Bay area as an accessible neighborhood featuring a great mix of historic homes, one-of-a-kind shops and services, and highly acclaimed restaurants, bars, and breweries; each with their own unique character.



To increase the viability of local Tampa businesses within the urban core, and to encourage high-quality enterprise, by enhancing and cultivating the Heights as a unique and enjoyable commercial environment.

Our primary goal is to encourage high quality economic opportunity within all of the Heights communities while actively supporting small business that are impacted by city, county, and state regulations.


The focus of the Heights Urban Core Chamber is connecting with the community and businesses to address the problems facing Tampa’s urban core, while providing opportunities for local business owners to connect, network, and get their name/brand out there.

Together, we work better!